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Bitcoin ETFs Explained
Bitcoin is solidifying itself as a legitimate investment asset that anyone can invest in. Well, technically not anyone, as some institutions and individuals can only participate in a highly regulated manner. Many think a Bitcoin ETF could fulfill this purpose. Bitcoin ETFs already exist in Canada and the US, helping cryptocurrencies increase their mainstream adoption with investors. Let’s see what an ETF is and what it could mean for Bitcoin.
Bitcoin ETFs Explained
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Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets have come a long way. Not more than a decade ago, this technology was only used by a small community of enthusiasts, while the price was around 10,000 BTC for two pizzas
Fast forward a few years, and we’ve seen many successful businesses built on this industry, countless cryptocurrency projects, the birth of DeFi, and much more. Institutional adoption is also booming. MicroStrategy has converted more than 2 billion dollars of their balance sheet into Bitcoin, and you may soon be able to buy the latest Tesla with your BTC.

But what building blocks are still missing before Bitcoin can become a major asset in the global macroeconomic environment? One of these could be a regulated way for institutions and more traditional players to get exposure to it. According to some, the best way to do that could be through an ETF.