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How to Create a DAO?
A DAO is a type of governance commonly used for DApps, projects, and crypto-investment funds. DAOs are popular for their openness and decentralization, as well as their ability to work with self-executing smart contracts. Creating a DAO needs a technical solution to manage your proposals and votes. There’s a variety of open-source options available based on your needs.
How to Create a DAO?
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For crypto projects, DAO’s have some significant advantages. Perhaps the most important is the model’s reliance on smart contracts. These on-chain pieces of code make DAOs less reliant on human input to operate. For example, a proposal could have its results posted on-chain and automatically trigger a proposed change. A new proposal can’t be censored, and votes cannot be technically rigged.

DAOs are useful ways to organize communities, especially if they are mostly anonymous. There is often no accountability to a real identity, and you have to trust people you don’t know. A DAO allows them to organize themselves efficiently with technology that guarantees integrity. It’s also easier than creating a traditional organization or entity as many projects have international teams. Finally, a DAO is a cheap option for its functionality in organizing people. You can set one up for free or pay a small fee to do so.

Understand carefully that a DAO will hold you accountable for its decisions. By decentralizing power, you no longer will have total control over your project. If you decide to ignore governance decision-making, there will almost always be negative consequences.