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What Is Crypto Market Sentiment?
Market sentiment considers investors' thoughts, feelings, and moods regarding an asset. These feelings don't always reflect an asset or project's fundamentals but can significantly affect the price. Market sentiment analysis is a form of research that uses this information to try and predict price movements. By tracking the market dynamics with its participants' overall attitudes, you can understand the amount of hype or fear surrounding a specific cryptocurrency.
What Is Crypto Market Sentiment?
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Market sentiment analysis is an essential part of many trading strategies. Like technical or fundamental analysis, it’s usually a good idea to make decisions using a mixture of all the information available. 

For instance, market sentiment analysis can help you investigate whether FOMO is justified or simply a result of herd mentality. Overall, combining technical and fundamental analysis with market sentiment studies allows you to:
  • Get a better idea of short and mid-term price action.
  • Develop better control of your emotional state. 
  • Discover potentially profitable opportunities.
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