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Understanding the Different Order Types
When you’re trading stocks or cryptocurrency, you interact with the market by placing orders: A market order is an instruction to buy or sell immediately (at the market’s current price). A limit order is an instruction to wait until the price hits a limit or better price before being executed That’s orders in a nutshell. Of course, each of these two categories has different variations that do different things, depending on how you want to trade. Curious? Read on.
Understanding the Different Order Types
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Signed up for an exchange, and wondering what all the different buttons do? Maybe you’ve finished your rewatch of Wall Street, and you’re trying to better understand how stock markets work?
In the following article, we’ll dissect orders: the instructions you send to an exchange to buy and sell assets. As we’ll see shortly, there are two main types: limit orders and market orders. However, these are merely qualities used to describe an assortment of commands. 

Let’s get into it.