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What Is a Smart Contract Security Audit?
A smart contract security audit provides a detailed analysis of a project's smart contracts. These are important to safeguard funds invested through them. As all transactions on the blockchain are final, funds cannot be retrieved should they be stolen. Typically, auditors will examine the code of smart contracts, produce a report, and provide it to the project for them to work with. A final report is then released, detailing any outstanding errors and the work already done to address performance or security issues.
What Is a Smart Contract Security Audit?
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A number of smart contract audit services have become well-known for their service. Two are particularly popular, and getting an audit from them will require an initial quote and handover of information.


CertiK is an industry leader when it comes to smart contract audits. Hundreds of projects have audited their smart contracts with them. PancakeSwap, BSC’s largest Automated Market Maker (AMM) is one example. Below is a section of Certik’s audit on PancakeSwap.

Also, the vast majority of projects supported by Binance Labs have audited their contracts with CertiK. CertiK releases a leaderboard of audited projects that allows you to compare each one, along with a safety score. Note that, apart from Ethereum, CertiK also covers BSC and Polygon projects.

ConsenSys Diligence

Run by Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum, ConsenSys is one of the cryptocurrency industry’s biggest names in blockchain development. Under ConsenSys Diligence, the company offers Ethereum smart contract audits. They also provide an automated service that checks Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts for commonly found mistakes.
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