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What Is Backtesting?
Backtesting can be an important step in optimizing how you engage with financial markets. It helps you learn whether your trading ideas and strategies make sense and if they could potentially turn a profit. But how does backtesting a simple investment strategy look like? What should you be wary of when testing trading strategies? Is backtesting similar to paper trading? We'll answer all these in this article.
What Is Backtesting?
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Backtesting is a tool that you (as a trader or investor) can use when exploring new markets and strategies. It can provide some valuable feedback based on data and tell you whether your initial idea was valid.

Regardless of the asset classes you trade, backtesting doesn’t require you risking any of your hard-earned funds either. Using backtesting software in a simulated environment, you can build and optimize a particular approach to a market. Let’s dive in.