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What Is Scalping Trading in Cryptocurrency?
Scalping is a trading style for adrenaline junkies. Do you find yourself staring at 1-minute charts? Do you like to get in and out of trades faster than an investor can open an earnings report? Scalping might be the strategy to consider. Scalp traders aim to harvest profits from small price moves. Their goal isn’t to make a lot of profit with each trade, but small profits over and over again. If they do it well, they’ll grow their trading account over time. Scalp traders often use leverage and tight stop-losses. Do you want to learn how scalp traders practice their craft? Read on. Contents Introduction What is scalping? How do scalpers make money? Scalping trading strategies Should I start scalp trading? Closing thoughts
What Is Scalping Trading in Cryptocurrency?
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That entirely depends on what style of trading works for you. Some traders don’t like to leave any position open when they’re asleep, so they choose short-term strategies. Day traders and other short-term traders may fall into this category.

On the other hand, longer-term traders like to elaborate on decisions for a longer time and don’t mind having positions open for months. They may just set their entry, profit targets, and stop-loss, and monitor the trade occasionally. Swing traders may fall into this category.
So, if you want to decide whether you want to take scalp trades, you need to elaborate on which trading style fits you better. Also, you’ll need to find a trading strategy that matches your personality and risk profile so that you can apply it consistently and profitably.
Naturally, you can try out multiple strategies and see what works and what doesn’t. Paper trading on the Binance Futures testnet could be a great way to test them out. This way, you can test out scalping strategies without risking real funds.