Frequently Asked Questions

What is KRYZA Education?

KRYZA Education is an e-learning platform built for those who seek to improve their skills / to gain knowledge on a certain topic. By our unique materials  users will be able to complete courses like nowhere before.

Is KRYZA Education free?

It completely depends on the instructors and their presented materials. Although instructors often share free courses, some of them are premium content and can be purchased on our platform.

How much are the premium courses?

Just like the answer for the previous question, it completely depends on the instructors and their presented materials.

Can I become an instructor?

Yes! KRYZA Education has a free-to-apply instructor program! If you feel like you could prepare courses, be our guests and join!

What topics can i learn?

Our goal is to provide various courses from A to Z so everybody could find the one that would fit them the best.

Can I connect my KRYZA Network account with KRYZA Education?

No need for that since it is enough to sign up for only one of our platforms and your login credentials will be ready to every KRYZA platform.

Can I download the application?

Our application is currently under development, we will notify all the users when it's downloadable. However, until you can use the desktop version both on PC or your smartphone!

What other platforms do you have?

KRYZA Network is in the center of our products, it is a social media site where you can access every KRYZA platform such as KRYZA Vote, Exchange, Media or Education.