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Bitcoin ETFs Explained
Bitcoin is solidifying itself as a legitimate investment asset that anyone can invest in. Well, technically not anyone, as some institutions and individuals can only participate in a highly regulated manner. Many think a Bitcoin ETF could fulfill this purpose. Bitcoin ETFs already exist in Canada and the US, helping cryptocurrencies increase their mainstream adoption with investors. Let’s see what an ETF is and what it could mean for Bitcoin.
Bitcoin ETFs Explained
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Is a Bitcoin ETF the right financial instrument for you to invest in Bitcoin? Well, if you’re an individual who wants to protect their savings against the melting value of fiat, you may be better off just buying Bitcoin. 

After all, Bitcoin is about democratizing finance. Well, actually, Bitcoin is many things for different people. But having direct custody of your savings can be powerful. Not to mention the countless ways you can earn yield or borrow against your Bitcoin. 

With that said, there are advantages to investing in a Bitcoin ETF, so if those seem attractive to you, then an ETF can also be a good choice.