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Tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum Explained
Explain Like I'm Five (ELI5) Tokenized Bitcoin is a way to use bitcoin on other blockchains. But wait, isn’t Bitcoin great already? Indeed it is! It has a solid use case, and it already acts as a kind of public good. At the same time, its purposely limited features leave little room for further innovation. What else could we do with Bitcoin? Some Bitcoiners say we shouldn’t do anything in particular, and that’s reasonable. Then again, others believe we should find ways to use Bitcoin on other blockchains. And this is where we arrive at tokenized BTC on Ethereum. Why tokenize Bitcoin? Does this even make sense? How is tokenized Bitcoin created? Can you get your hands on tokenized BTC? Read more below if this interests you.
Tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum Explained
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We’ve discussed what tokenized bitcoin is and what different implementations exist. The main driver behind tokenizing bitcoin as an ERC-20 token is to increase the utility of Bitcoin. 
If Ethereum can capture a significant portion of Bitcoin transactions, there could be major implications for the future. Is the flippening a realistic scenario? What portion of the Bitcoin supply will be transacted on Ethereum in the future? This remains to be seen. However, the whole blockchain industry could benefit from building bridges between the two largest cryptocurrency networks.