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Tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum Explained
Explain Like I'm Five (ELI5) Tokenized Bitcoin is a way to use bitcoin on other blockchains. But wait, isn’t Bitcoin great already? Indeed it is! It has a solid use case, and it already acts as a kind of public good. At the same time, its purposely limited features leave little room for further innovation. What else could we do with Bitcoin? Some Bitcoiners say we shouldn’t do anything in particular, and that’s reasonable. Then again, others believe we should find ways to use Bitcoin on other blockchains. And this is where we arrive at tokenized BTC on Ethereum. Why tokenize Bitcoin? Does this even make sense? How is tokenized Bitcoin created? Can you get your hands on tokenized BTC? Read more below if this interests you.
Tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum Explained
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The Bitcoin design is simple on purpose. It has been designed to do a few things, and it does them very well. However, these properties come with inherent limitations.

While the most amount of value is in Bitcoin, it can’t benefit that much from the innovation happening in other segments of the digital currency industry. While you technically can run smart contracts on Bitcoin, it’s quite limited in scope compared to Ethereum or other smart contract platforms. 
Tokenizing bitcoin on other chains could increase the utility of the network. How? Well, it could enable functionality that isn’t natively supported on Bitcoin. At the same time, the core functionality and the security model of Bitcoin remain intact. Additional advantages could be increased transaction speeds, fungibility, and privacy.
Here’s another potential reason. One of the greatest aspects of DeFi is the idea of composability. It means that since all these applications are running on the same public, open-source, permissionless base layer, they can seamlessly work with each other. 

Bringing Bitcoin to this composable layer of financial building blocks is considered to be an exciting prospect by many. It could bring forth many new types of applications that use bitcoin and wouldn’t otherwise be possible.