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MetaMask VIII: Resetting, Deleting and Restoring

Resetting your wallet or account, restoring your wallet, and managing your password

MetaMask VII: Custom networks and sidechains

As the Ethereum ecosystem grows, a very popular option for building new technologies is to build a custom network, or a sidechain–in other words, another blockchain or network that is compatible with Ethereum–and then allow users to transfer tokens, or value of some kind, between the networks. There are many prominent examples, and as Ethereum scales, they will no doubt […]

MetaMask VI: Tokens

MetaMask V: Swaps

MetaMask IV: Dapps

MetaMask II: Learn the basics of blockchain and Ethereum

Learn the basics of blockchains and Ethereum (miners and validators, gas, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, block explorer, networks, etc.)

MetaMask I: Getting started with MetaMask

A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps Start exploring blockchain applications in seconds. Trusted by over 21 million users worldwide.