FLUX technical analysis

Binance trade: https://www.binance.com/en/trade-margin/FLUX_BUSD

FLUX official page / hivatalos oldala: https://runonflux.io/ and https://zelcore.io/
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/hu/currencies/zel/

Entry point / Beszállási pont: 1.500 – 1.800

Our point of entry / A mi belépési pontunk: 1.660
TP 1: 2.260 (+600 point)
TP 2: 3.769 (+2109 point)
TP 3: 5.410 (+3750 point)Our point of entry / A mi belépési pontunk:Our point of entry vagy our entry point / A mi belépési pontunk 1.660
TP 1: 2.260 (+600 point)
TP 2: 3.769 (+2109 point)
TP 3: 5.410 (+3750 point)

The New Web3 for a Decentralized Internet

A comprehensive suite of decentralized computing services and blockchain-as-a-service solutions. The Flux ecosystem consists of: Fluxnodes’ decentralized infrastructure, FluxOS cloud operating system, Zelcore self-custody multi-asset wallet and blockchain app suite, and finally the Flux blockchain for on-chain governance, economics, and parallel assets to provide interoperability with other blockchains and DeFi access.

Flux provides the critical, high availability infrastructure for the New Internet. Projects and development teams are not forced to rely on the Flux blockchain to utilize FluxOS, so they have access to necessary infrastructure while maintaining all the unique properties of their own chains. Flux makes up one important piece of a well-balanced distributed computing portfolio focused on the next generation of the Internet.

Your Gateway to a
Decentralized Web3

FluxOS is a revolutionary second-layer operating system that allows hardened dockerized apps to run on Flux’s fully decentralized computational network in an efficient, safe, and optimal way while providing API access and other core features.


The Flux network is fully decentralized making it highly resilient to both system failure and outside attempts at censorship. Nodes are collateralized and managed by individual Flux node operators, ensuring spread is fully decentralized.


FluxOS is fully compatible with any blockchain and any hardened dockerized applications. You can run any application on any blockchain on FluxOS.


FluxOS applications are redundantly spread across the node network with automatic failover to a new node if one becomes unavailable.

API backed

Deployment and management of applications launched on Flux is API or UI backed, allowing for seamless integration with your services.



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