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What is Axie Infinity?

Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure!

Players can build up a collection of Axies and use them across an ever expanding universe of games!

Axie Infinity uses cutting edge technology called Blockchain to reward players for their engagement.

How do I get started & download Axie?

Once you have three Axies from The Marketplace, you can download the application here.

Please see this on-boarding guide for further instructions on how to get started.

How do I get an Axie?

You can buy Axies from other players using the Marketplace, or you can purchase eggs from the Axie Lab if it is open.

You can also create new Axie eggs through breeding.

In the future, new players will be able to get started without any up-front purchase of Axies by receiving non-transferable Axies with limited earning potential.

I need help.

If you’re having difficulty, please join our Discord server and post in the #new-player-help channel and our community will be happy to help!

In addition, a complete list of guides can be found here.

II. Gameplay

How does the battle system work?

To learn how to battle, please see this gameplay guide.

How do I know what Axies are good in battle?

The battle meta is always evolving based on balancing updates. However, you can see what the top players are using through a community tool built by

How do I breed Axies?

Please see this breeding guide for an overview of the breeding system.

What is Axie land?

Land is an upcoming game mode that will unlock further utility for Axie related game assets.

Lunacia, the Axie homeland, is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as homes and bases of operation for their Axies. Plots can be upgraded over time using a variety of resources and crafting ingredients that can be found when playing the game.

In addition, land-owners might find AXS tokens on their land plots, or use the Axies that occupy the land plot to explore resource nodes on the map. When interacting with resources nodes Axies can find AXS and potentially other resources.

Please see this page for further details.

III. Economy

What are Small Love Potions (SLP)?

Small Love Potion (SLP) are an ERC 20 token that are used to breed Axies; they are not the Axie Infinity governance token.

SLP is transferred to users when they breed Axies.

You can sync your SLP here:

What are Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)?

Axie Infinity Shards are Axie Infinity’s governance token. Please see this guide for an overview of their purpose.

You can find data related to Axie in these places:


Axie Official Dashboard

What are Origin Axies?

Origin Axies were released during a pre-sale in 2018. They were sold on a bonding curve with each subsequent purchase increasing the price of the next Origin.

A hard cap of 4088 Origin Axies was set during the pre-sale. After the pre-sale concluded, Axie Origin Coins(AOC) were created based on the remaining number of Mystic Axies to hit 4,088. This is the AOC contract:

What are Mystic Axies?

Mystic Axies make a statement when someone is scanning your account and show that you’re a true connoisseur of the rare Axie market.

Like you, Mystic Axies were born special. Only ~30% of Origin Axies possess a Mystic part.

Since Origin Axies are capped at 4088 total, the scarcity of Mystic Axies is guaranteed by a smart contract. They’ll be rare forever.

Rumors and legend also say that they’ll have amazing powers in the future as new features and gameplay modes are released.

Please see this article for further information on Mystic Axies.

IV. Community & Vision

Where can I interact with & meet other community members?

Please join our Discord server where you can meet the rest of the community!

You can find the rest of our channels here.

How can I contribute to Axie Infinity?

Everyone can contribute to Axie Infinity. Some popular ways to contribute:

  • Creating guides for new players.
  • Creating Axie fan art.
  • Creating tools that help the community play more efficiently.
  • Starting an Axie Youtube channel or podcast
  • Streaming Axie Infinity.
  • Telling your friends about Axie.

Please see this content creation system for further guidance.

Who created the artwork for Axie Infinity?

Masamune (AI Art Director) has been designing games since he was a child. He started with card games and graduated to making Video games at the age of 13. He’s a competitive Pokemon player and we’ve entrusted a lot of the battle mechanics and game design to him. Masamune has a passion for magical creatures and doodling that has been unleashed through Axie Infinity.

Masamune’s inspiration for Axies was the Greek mythological creature, the Chimera, which possesses features from lions, goats, and serpents. He wanted Axies to capture a mythical spirit, so he gave them interesting parts from a variety of creatures.

What’s so special about Axie Infinity?

Axie represents the games we dreamed of playing while growing up. We combine many nostalgic concepts from our favorite childhood experiences while adding a sprinkle of Blockchain magic to empower our players.

We believe in a future where work and play become one.

‌We believe in empowering our players and giving them economic opportunities.

‌Most of all, we have a dream that battling and collecting cute creatures can change the world.

Join our revolution.



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