AUDIO technical analysis

Binance trade:

AUDIO official page / hivatalos oldala:

Entry point / Beszállási pont: 1.000 – 1.200

Our point of entry / A mi belépési pontunk: 1.100
TP 1: 1.506 (+406 point)
TP 2: 2.113 (+1013 point)
TP 3: 2.552 (+1452 point)

TP 4: 3.016 (+1916 point)

TP 5: 3.670 (+2570 point)

As a platform owned and operated by its users, the future of Audius is entirely driven by $AUDIO governance. Everything about Audius is governable, with voting weight directly correlated to $AUDIO staked for value-added services.

With Audius, artists can generate immutable and timestamped records for their creative works, secured by an incentive-aligned decentralized network of node operators.

Unlock premium features for curated engagement by using our native platform token, $AUDIO. From gated content to artist tokens and remix contests, Audius is here to give fans the exclusivity they deserve.



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