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5 benefits of advertising on social media
Whether you are new to social media ads and are considering the investment, or are already running ads elsewhere, such as on Google, the following benefits may encourage you to diversify your efforts and incorporate more social media into your mix.
Benefits of social media advertising
As advertisers, we know that Facebook and its other platforms in their ecosystem, such as Instagram and Messenger, own a significant and larger portion of impression-share as typically, brands put most of their ad budget here. While Facebook and Instagram have robust targeting and keep prices low because of how vast their user base is, keep in mind that your efforts should not be siloed to one platform. If you have the budget, diversify so that you can reap the aforementioned benefits across platforms in case something does happen.
The 5 Biggest Reasons to Advertise on Social Media (+ Pro Tips)
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With more targeting options available to us as advertisers, the more audience testing we can do, and then utilize social platform built-in tools to understand audience breakdowns and how they relate to performance. For example, Facebook breakdown reporting can share details about age ranges, genders, country, region, devices they use, and more. Pairing these breakdowns with your various audiences and the respective performance metrics can help you better understand which segments of audiences resonate with your ads and you can apply these learnings to update your ad set targeting and use that to optimize your campaigns.

reasons to advertise on social media gain audience insights

One other way to gain additional audience-based information is to check out Audience Insights within Facebook Ads Manager. Here, you can view a particular audience’s age and gender breakdown, relationship status, education level, job titles, location, device activity, and more. This tool used to be more robots a few years ago before additional insights were removed when Facebook had to make some changes to audience targeting options for the sake of user privacy and transparency. While it’s limited in insight, it can be helpful to an extent.

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Another way to gain a better understand of your audiences and their preferences are to run Instagram Stories Ads with polling stickers. With these, you can get a better understanding of product or service preferences, they can help you gather insights for future product development and campaigns, they can help you understand a target audiences pain points that you can resolve, they can help start conversations around your brand and campaigns, they will increase audience engagement, and they will increase your ad engagement audience size for retargeting.

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By utilizing reporting, audience insights, and ad placement-specific features, you can gain valuable insights about who is best to target at various stages of the funnel and then cater your messaging accordingly. Additionally, take your audience-related learnings and apply them to other platforms to save you time and money as you expand your efforts while you better understand your customers.