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5 benefits of advertising on social media
Whether you are new to social media ads and are considering the investment, or are already running ads elsewhere, such as on Google, the following benefits may encourage you to diversify your efforts and incorporate more social media into your mix.
Benefits of social media advertising
As advertisers, we know that Facebook and its other platforms in their ecosystem, such as Instagram and Messenger, own a significant and larger portion of impression-share as typically, brands put most of their ad budget here. While Facebook and Instagram have robust targeting and keep prices low because of how vast their user base is, keep in mind that your efforts should not be siloed to one platform. If you have the budget, diversify so that you can reap the aforementioned benefits across platforms in case something does happen.
The 5 Biggest Reasons to Advertise on Social Media (+ Pro Tips)
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Lastly, whether you are looking for ways to drive engagement, increase website traffic, app use, or ecommerce sales, you can accomplish these and more through social media advertising. Social media affords your business far more visibility online than organic posts alone.

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Depending on where in the funnel your target audience is, you can select the appropriate campaign type as it relates to your goal at that stage and assist your users through the funnel and towards conversion. With conversion objective campaigns, you can specify what the conversion is and then tell the platform which event you want a given ad set to optimize towards. Want more people to add to the cart? Select that as the event you want to optimize for. Want to optimize for more purchases? Take the same optimization approach and make sure to align your ad creative and copy to speak to these people at their stage of the funnel and be clear in the goal so users can “Shop Now” in this particular example.

reasons to advertise on social media accomplish more of your goals