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5 benefits of advertising on social media
Whether you are new to social media ads and are considering the investment, or are already running ads elsewhere, such as on Google, the following benefits may encourage you to diversify your efforts and incorporate more social media into your mix.
Benefits of social media advertising
As advertisers, we know that Facebook and its other platforms in their ecosystem, such as Instagram and Messenger, own a significant and larger portion of impression-share as typically, brands put most of their ad budget here. While Facebook and Instagram have robust targeting and keep prices low because of how vast their user base is, keep in mind that your efforts should not be siloed to one platform. If you have the budget, diversify so that you can reap the aforementioned benefits across platforms in case something does happen.
The 5 Biggest Reasons to Advertise on Social Media (+ Pro Tips)
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While each social platform has its own ad specs, placements, and formats, there are some common denominators across platforms. The beauty of social media advertising is that there is creative freedom and endless tactics and options to showcase your brand in the light you want. From static images to ephemeral and long-form video content, from horizontal and vertical rectangular formats to square, utilize every bit of the ad placement space to increase your ad real estate space on a screen so the user focuses on you and it limits outside distractions from other ads and content. One format we have seen quickly take off organically and then with paid ads across platforms is the Stories format, which can now be found organically and in most instances as an ad placement, too, is on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and as of recently, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you are able to use video creatives and formats to showcase your products, services in use, and your brand story, do so, as video content tends to be more easily digestible by users, typically more impressions are dedicated to video content, it can help better manage user expectations about your offerings, and it can bring your brand to life. When utilizing video, also be sure to captivate your user in the first few seconds by putting your best foot forward, showing your brand, and make sure your narrative is fast-paced, to the point, and actionable. If you don’t have video content, use static images and apply one of Facebook’s free templates and special effects by using the Video Creation Kit in the ad level of Ads Manager. If you need creatives for other platforms, check into royalty-free stock image and video sites until you are able to create your own.

Social media ads provide a wide range of advertising formats and through the various platforms we have available to experiment with, it can bring our brands and clients success through the various placements and mediums we have at our disposal.

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